Yes I am, still! Amazing…

I’m getting up at 5am each day to get a good three hours in before the house becomes too noisy and annoying to consider attempting to write original fic. I’m aiming for 1500 words a day and pretty much exceeding the target. Alas the word-counter ain’t moving because I’ve had to up my proposed word-count to the more realistic 200,000. 10,290 words, 5.14%

The novel’s still a bit of a puzzle to me. I seem to be seeding mysteries all over the place that I don’t really know how I’m going to resolve as yet, but I’m enjoying the ride enormously. The last novel I wrote, and the road book that followed it, were so meticulously planned, the writing was just flesh-on the beautifully-constructed bones and they were just hard work and no fun at all. *G* When I started this one, I made the deliberate decision to write it like a fanfic; having an idea of what the story was and where it was going to go – but mostly making sure I knew the characters really well so that they dictate the story and I just follow in their wake and they’re constantly surprising me. It’s brilliant.

So my master plan seems to be working, at least, I’m really pleased with the way it’s going so far and I’m certainly enjoying the ride far more than I have with my other books. Whether the final result will be up to scratch is very much open to question, of course. (o: