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The weather is filthy, I have no where to go so I’m having a day off, writing fic – which is so relaxing compared to writing the damn novel; it’s like a holiday. I’m just brewing a cup of excellent coffee, about to start writing my next chapter and about to hit a deep well of massive angst, which is a pleasing prospect. (o:

I’ve been writing a lot of fic, less so the novel. I’m working on it – thinking a lot, jotting down notes in the middle of the night but not actually writing. I just don’t feel I know the characters well enough to write about them yet. I’m worried about the time it’s taking to get to grips with this story. I’m not really sure why, either, it’s never happened to me before. I’m just hoping I can break through this block soon because it’s really starting to bother me.

As for the other novel, the Cubanone – I still haven’t heard back from the last agency I sent it to – it’s been three months now and I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and self-publish, as a printed book and an e-book. The big problem there is publicity; believe it or not, *g* I’m really bad at the self-pimping thing. I can send a few copies out to some of my old press contacts and see if any of them take any notice; I’ll have to do a bit of research on the best way to pimp for interest if I decide to go that route. ::heaving a heavy sigh::

But ’tis still and quiet here at home – Mark is busy applying for IT jobs, I’m writing; the house is warming up now the stove is burning brightly again. We’ve been having trouble with it since we lit it yesterday with a lot of smoke, and even had the carbon monoxide alarm go off once – had to open all the doors and windows which, in this weather, was no fun at all.

I carefully cleaned all parts of the thing before I lit it yesterday, but this morning I found a heavy fall of clinker in the chimney. There must have been a build up in there that was stopping it drawing and it’s come down overnight. We only had the chimneys swept 3 months ago so, why is clinker building? Could be because we’re here so infrequently so the flue gets cold – smoke can’t rise because of cold air in the flue = smoky stove and clinker. It could cause a chimney fire. We can get the chimney cleaned again but it’s so bloomin’ expensive and wonlt stop the problem occurring again unless I can sort out what’s causing it. it’s a bit of a nail-chomper.

Such is my life this Friday, eighteenth day of January in the year of our lord, two thousand and eight.

How about the rest of you. Is everyone OK? Anyone in the UK been washed into the sea yet?  Hey folks, it’s Friday! Is it time to break out the gin and olives yet?