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It’s been a hideous, horrible, very-bad, not-at-all-good day. Nothing dreadful has happened, it’s just been (for reasons too dull to catalogue) annoying, unproductive, dull and thoroughly depressing; I’ve been in tears twice, for no real reason – just frustration and a mild desperation.

In between the everyday awfulness, I’ve been trying to write my novel, headphones in my ears, ambient music on loud to blot out the noisy distractions (and they are many) but I’m just not making progress. I’m beginning to wonder if I should put his novel on hold and try for another one; one I have a better handle on (I have four sketched out, she said, rolling her eyes at the absurdity).

I done 555 words of Entanglement today; how sad is that? (Very)

And there’s been bugger all on TV to distract and lift the spirits so I re-affixed the headphones and wrote fic instead; 1,354 words of the Owl/Academy thing. It’ll need a thorough seeing-to of course, being little more than a stream-of-consciousness at the moment, but it might be fit to post tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone in the West-Country (Snail!) is alright; the weather is ghastly here, too, but a least we’re not slipping beneath the waves. Please let us know you’re OK. I’m off to bed…