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Is brilliant to write to! I usually have a problem getting anything done when Mark has the telly on; I just can’t write – or read, either – it’s too distracting.

So last night and this morning, I’ve been playing ambient music, fairly loudly, through my lappy’s headphones while I write. I find regular music as distracting as the TV, but ambient stuff just drifts through your head like morning mist and blots out the TV and other annoyances without in any way impinging on the conscious, writing bit of my brain. If anything, it seems to be enhancing the writing – I’ve just written 2,700 words of Angel Dust while Mark watches The (bloody) Gadget Show.

The last little bit of the story’s more than half done and I am well pleased.

We’re heading off back to Yorkshire as soon as I’ve drunk my coffee; it’ll be interesting to see how ambient music holds up against the level of distraction found at Dad’s house. (o: