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I got up at 5.30am to work on The Book and got a fair bit written but I can’t use any of it. For some reason, I went off on this weird little tangent set in a coffee shop when what I should’ve been writing is Character 1, sitting in his kitchen awaiting his first meeting with Character 2. Why this happened is totally beyond me, unless it’s the natural result of getting up before 5.30am which is, indeed, a silly thing for anyone to do imo.

Hey ho, all is not lost; I can use everything I wrote much later in the story when Ch.2 finally gets Ch 1 to smell the coffee and get off his terrified and lazy arse and do something about the situation he’s created – but that’s a long way down the line, so this morning’s endeavours have to go into cold storage for a time. Dang.

Other than that, I have been Good. I have worked out, been out for a run, eaten Proper Things for the first time in weeks, got several things done from The List of Tedious Things that still need to be done; a builder has been engaged to remove the cracked path and lay a new one, and fence off the bottom of the garden and I’ve made an appointment with a solicitor for next week. Things are happening; things are getting done.

Right now, I’m sitting on the sofa with a cup of lapsang souchong, about to start work on the Rainbows story (yes, again. sigh).

Oh man, look – it’s not even 4 O’ clock and it’s practically dark. ::shiver::