I finally got an opening. I’ve been tinkering about with the various plot lines for a couple of days but unable to start writing because I wasn’t sure where to begin – so I’m opening with Jess, the victim, who’s now become a much bigger character than I originally intended, even though she’s dead and doesn’t ever actually appear in the book, she is the reason the two main characters meet and is constantly remembered and alluded to, so I thought I’d better develop her a little more than I had and that’s what I’m working on now…

But I have my opening pars; 557 words of an estimated 200,000+ but hey, it’s a start and I know where I’m going at last. I’m hoping to go on with it later but now, alas, I have dull stuff to do.

Anyone know of a good word counter that doesn’t take an age to load on the page?

ETA: Giving Skye’s NaNo word counter rec a go…

557 / 200000 words. 0% done!

LOL – aw c’mon! I know 557 isn’t much but it’s something! 0.28% as a matter of fact. *g*