No words written yet, but my researches progressed from quantum physics to gnosticism and karmic astrology today – prevarication is my middle name (actually, it’s not. My middle name(s) are much more embarrassing) .

After walking Hamish the dog (such a gorgeous day! Freezing and frosty and a cloudless blue sky) and having a damn good think as I scooped the poop, I pretty much know who all my characters are now and why they do what they do and I really do think it’s time to get off my impressively large arse and actually start writing the thing which I aim to do tomorrow… or Sunday (she hedged, with a panicked expression). When I do actually start writing I must get me one of those spanking little word counters with which to clock my (non) progress. (o:

It’s cold out there tonight! Luckily our birds and squirrels are full of nuts. We have the fire a roaring; I have tea (for now, switching to wine in exactly 8 minutes), there is very goodcheese, and olives, a good night on the telly for once and a fat copy of Donna Tartt’s ‘The Little Friend’ for bedtime.

Enjoy the weekend my darlings. I hope you’re all having a gradely one.