I’ve started working on my novel again, the one I was going to start for NaNo; I’ve been reading a lot about parallel universes, string and M theory, as this features in the story and discovered a nice little Shrodinger theory called ‘Entanglement’ which I love so much; which fits the plot of my book so neatly I might actually call the thing ‘Entanglement’. It’s the current working title, anyway. This description is really nice:

‘Entanglement is the idea that in the quantum world, objects are not independent if they have interacted with each other or come into being through the same process. They become linked, or entangled, such that changing one invariably affects the other, no matter how far apart they are – something Einstein called “spukhafte Fernwirkungen”: “spooky action at a distance”.

– The italics are mine, but those two bits totally describe what’s happening in the story, both on the spiritual ghosts/spirits/angels/past-lives and parallel universe level, and at the more mundane level of the human relationships – especially the fic-like human relationships. (o:

So, the novel is starting to come together and I think I might start trying to tie everything into a coherent plot tomorrow, maybe, even, start writing it at the weekend…?

I haven’t forgotten the fic; I’ve been so busy with the big fat bag of shitty stuff life has thrown at me lately, plus the long weekend of fangirl squee I’m still getting over. I have the last three chapters of Rainbows Part 2 sketched out and all being well, I’m hoping to get that story finished next week; once that’s finished, I can get back to the Academy story and make a start on the third and final part of Rainbows.

Anyway, this is just me, catching up.

And I was going to ask a fic-related question here, but I think I’ll put that in a new post…

And the fangirl pic-spam; that ought to have its own space too…