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My insomnia goes from bad to worse. I’m living on about 3 hours sleep a night at the moment; 7 to 9 is my norm. I feel like I’m having an out of body experience. I was practically comatose by the time Newsnight came on last night so I had high hopes of getting to sleep and I did actually drift off sometime after 2am – which isn’t bad going for me, lately – then woke at 10 past bloody 4; I should’ve got up and done some work as I have been doing lately, but I was so tired,  I just wanted to get back to sleep. Finally dozed off at about 6.30 and woke again 2 hours later.Sheesh. As they say.

I’ve been busy working on the novel, it’s coming on. It got better when I finally worked out the nature of the narrator character, he’s somewhere in between angel and devil with his own strange idiosyncrasies, a bit of a head case with a past –  So now Angel (that’s his name – (o: it’s all to do with his odd past) is just eccentric, rather than a nutter; never leaving his a cosy, closed off world in a big Victorian house – he’s all in denial about what’s happening outside (has painted over the windows that face the street in his basement flat) – the world may be falling apart out there (metaphysically, at least) but inside the house, all is calm and warm and lovely. There are cats and an Aga. He’s damaged, but not terminally.

I have new characters too – Angel’s house has 4 floors so I needed more tenants for him, so I now have a girl student and a divorced woman in late middle age; sassy and confident and eccentric herself, in a way – into crystals and tarot and astrology, more Judi Dench than Leigh taylor Young. I’m not sure how they’ll fit into the story yet, but I have a feeling they’ll turn out to be important.

I’m working on the 2 main characters today; Angel and Sam  – I still haven’t settled on a name for Sam. In my original notes he was Martin – after Marty Hopkirk – but I’m not sure that’s right for him now. I’m going to have a coffee now then work on him – why is he an ex-cop and why is he so bitter?

I’m still confused about the past-lives aspect of the story, too, but that will come, I expect as I work it through. It’s coming on, but slower than I’d hoped – I have decided to sign up for the NaNo thing, just for the craic and the chat, and the discipline of a daily word count, but that means starting in November so I have to crack on with the groundwork. I’ve been reading some fascinating stuff by means of research… Get this…

‘IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT THAT OUR SOULS ARE FRAGMENTED AND EXISTING ON SEVERAL PLANES, THEN YOU ARE READY TO CONSIDER THIS: OUR SOULS ARE INDEED IMMENSE ENOUGH TO EXIST IN MANY REALITIES AT ONCE. A small seed of our soul is all that is necessary to manifest in each reality. This allows our soul to manifest many times in each reality, plane, etc. In fact, we run into ourselves everyday. The person sitting next to you might, in fact, be a manifestation of your soul seed. Once you grasp this concept, consider that we are all, indeed, one.

Freak out!!! *G*

@It was The Scaffold.