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How is everyone on this lovely, sunny, autumnal day? I’m still at mum and dad’s and all that that entails but I’m finally getting my act together despite it all.

Picking the Low Mangoes: Has been given a damn good seeing to. I cut two chapters, they just weren’t doing anything, and reduced the word count by almost 7,000 words, clarified that which wasn’t clear (it’s a complicated plot) made it run smoother; gayed up two straight characters and made it a much better read, I think. It’ss back out in in the world in search of an agent; Susanna Lea to be precise, and is entered for the Amazon novel contest thingy.

Andrew Lownie turned down the road book; he doesn’t deal with much travel, apparently (despite having expressed a strong desire to see it in the email I initially sent) – which is fair enough, but the other half of his comment, I don’t think your angle or writing are quite strong enough.” – Is much more worrying. In light of this, I’m giving that one a rest for a bit till I have the time, energy and strength of will to take another look at it. It’s just one opinion, I know and its only had four rejections so far (believe me, this is peanuts! Google any author and hear tales of hundreds of the things littering their files) but I’ve lost confidence in it; I need to look at it again.

But not right now, because I have a bright, shiny NEW! novel attracting my attention like a big, pretty, bright and shiny thing. It starts with a murder; it has a policeman and a former policeman but it’s not a detective story – it’s about a cult in a small English University town and disembodied spirits and past lives and demons and all manner of weirdness going on and it’s got most of my attention at the moment –

I’m still loving Californication (which starts on UK TV tonight – Five to be precise, at 10pm and which I heartily rec). Curb Your Enthusiasm just gets better and better (the John McEnroe/freak book episode almost killed me) and Boston Legal... What can I say? The writing is genius, the performances are perfect  – that show is a work of art and when Katie told Jerry he was ‘the dog’s bollocks’ I literally spurted.

I just got the next eppy of Dirty Sexy Money – looking forward to that, and, on recommendation, Chuck, Life, Moonlight and Pushing Daisies in a holding pattern on my desktop.

What’s everybody else up to?